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Grow more Fruitful Communities.

We're growing more Fruitful Communities by turning lawns around libraries, schools, and community centers into food forests, pollinator gardens, and outdoor classrooms. Join us as we fight climate change, create green jobs, and feed people.
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No matter who you are, there's a place for you in the Fruitful Communities initiative. We're growing a more livable world for all...and that means you, too!

When you sign up to be a Roots Down member, you're saying you want your neighborhood, city, and county to align its values and budget to promote the growth of regenerative landscapes, thereby committing to ecological restoration, societal equity, and sustainable jobs growth.

Together, we can grow more Fruitful Communities!​

Fruitful Communities starts with you!
We're building a movement of Growers and community partners like you, ​all working together to grow a more abundant, equitable, and fruitful future. Becoming a Roots Down member does more than show your support for the Fruitful Communities initiative, it also gets you access to all sorts of members-only perks.
​Membership includes:

  • Roots Down t-shirt of your choice

  • Sticker bundle

  • Get Started Guide

  • Discounts on merch

  • Members-only content and courses

  • Discounts on paid courses and seminars

  • Members-only meet-ups

  • Unlimited access to Community Knowledge Base

  • Weekly Newsletter

  • Quarterly Impact Reports

Join the movement!


per year.

How does membership help?

While we're a for-profit company, we still rely on the support of members to help us offer pro bono services to communities in food and park deserts, as well as additional support to local governments with smaller budgets.

Plants more landscapes

The single biggest way your membership helps is to provide us with the resources to grow more Productive Urban Landscapes.

Educates more GreenHive Leaders

Your membership also helps us offer scholarships and financial assistance to more young leaders through the GreenHive Leadership Program.

Creates more Growers

Membership help us offer paid internships to up and coming Growers looking to expand into the ecological landscaping industry.

Spreads the word

Every new member helps us tell even more people about the Fruitful Communities initiative.


So, what's a Fruitful Community?

Fruitful Communities can come in a variety of forms, scales, and aesthetic preferences, and should also mirror the character of an area’s people, history, and values. There is no one-size-fits-all, but all Fruitful Communities should strive for at least 1 of these 4 traits.


Official adoption of the Fruitful Communities Initiative by at least 1 governing body (city or county government, or a neighborhood association).


At least 1 Fruitful Communities District. A Fruitful Communities District is an area with at least 10,000 sqft of regenerative landscaping.


Any area with at least 1 Fruitful Communities Partner Group. A Partner Group is an official Roots Down chapter with at least 5 members.


Any area that is in the process of developing any of the first 3 traits. If the people are putting in the work, then you're building a Fruitful Community!

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Bring Roots Down to your area!

Interested in bringing the Fruitful Communities initiative to your town or neighborhood? Contact us for more information on getting started!

Want to get more involved?

No matter your background, resources, age, or interests, there's somewhere for everyone in the Fruitful Communities Initiative. Here are some ways you can get more involved in the movement. 

Want to financially support the Fruitful Communities initiative? Here are a few great ways: ​


Get paid to grow the Fruitful Communities initiative:

Get Social

Like social media? Check out our social toolkit and tell the world about Roots Down.

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Hire Us

Want to bring the Fruitful Communities initiative to your area? Reach out and let us see how we can help.

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Hang out with us.

We're always up to something. Check out some of our upcoming events, and join the growing movement of Fruitful Communities advocates.
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