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Growing the next generation of land stewards.

It's your time to be part of this exciting movement!
We're kicking off our 2023 Fundraising Campaign and
we need your help to meet our goals and grow the Fruitful Community Foundation into a force for change.  
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Modern landscaping practices waste billions of dollars every year, and create a ton of environmental problems. We're on a mission to change that. 
We envision a world where our public and private landscapes
are in harmony with nature and where landscaping is a
force of good that contributes to more beautiful, abundant,
and sustainable cities and towns for us to live in and thrive.


Teaching the next generation of eco-advocates how small changes
can save the planet.

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The GreenHive Program

Our flagship GreenHive Leadership Program works with small cohorts of college-aged students as they learn about the importance of sustainable green spaces in our communities and how to get involved in their local government to build climate solutions into local public policy. They hear from and develop relationships with industry leaders and local politicians, cultivate leadership skills, learn about land stewardship and advocacy, and develop their own projects that positively impact their community. 


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Community Outreach.

Our fun and interactive community sessions teach about the importance of converting traditional landscapes into beautiful Productive Urban Landscapes, pollinator gardens, and food forests to help combat climate change. Through community gatherings, Green Library tours, resources, and partnerships with other organizations, we have everything you need to level up and learn how to help integrate sustainability in public and private landscapes in your community.

LEARN MORE (coming soon!)


We're developing partnerships and databases to explore the social, environmental, and fiscal impacts of modern day landscaping to learn more about how sustainability can impact our communities. We'll use these data to help show how we can all help make small changes in the landscapes around us to make a big impact on climate solutions. 



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Your journey starts here!

Contact us today to learn how you can start making a difference. Get plugged into our network as we make our landscapes, our neighborhoods, and our communities greener, more abundant places!
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