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Join us on the Board!

Fruitful Community Foundation is now accepting
applications or nominees for 5 open spots on our board.
The deadline to submit your application form is October 30, 2023.
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The Fruitful Community Foundation envisions a world viewed through the lens of abundance, where communities thrive as vibrant urban ecosystems woven into the fabric of our lives, inspiring hope and a profound connection to the natural world.


To create this world of abundance, the Fruitful Community Foundation is growing the next generation of eco-advocates by equipping people with knowledge, tools, and partners to fortify our communities amidst the climate crisis and build climate solutions into local public policy. Our organization strives to show our communities why Productive Urban Landscapes, pollinator gardens, and food forests are important for combating climate change, and how small changes each person in a local community makes can have a big, global impact.


The Fruitful Community Foundation teaches about the importance of building healthy soil and creating bio-diverse habitats as a part of our environmental stewardship. Similarly, we are also committed to building a diverse board with an equitable and inclusive culture. We want our board members to reflect the communities we serve so our staff, volunteers, and community partners all have a sense of belonging and have room to grow. All board members should be aligned with this overall goal and understand the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in the success of an organization.

For these Board Nominations, the Executive Committee is prioritizing:

  • Individuals who offer skills and expertise in the areas of fundraising, strategy, finance, and marketing.

  • Individuals that are willing to be a part of our working board and remain committed to any additional responsibilities assigned by the board while honoring the directives of the board and its decisions

  • Individuals that will support our goal of racial and socioeconomic diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Members that represent the communities we serve or communities we would like to serve in the future

Board service overview

  • The Fruitful Community Foundation board meets 12 times per year (virtual or in-person) at an agreed upon day and time each month (eg, the 1st Tuesday of every month). 

  • Each board member is also asked to serve on a committee that meets at least every other month. Some committees meet monthly. 

  • The Fruitful Community Foundation is a working board and each board member is asked to take on some active responsibilities such as helping with fundraising, writing grants, assisting with financial planning and/or budgets, etc

  • Each board member is asked to donate to the Fruitful Community Foundation at an amount that feels meaningful to them. Some members give less, some more.

  • The board term is a minimum of 2 years (January 2024-December 2026) and up to 4 years.

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If you are interested in learning more, give us a shout. If you would like to be considered for the board, please fill in this form:

Board Application

To contact us to learn more about our Board Member search
click here.

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