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Hey DeKalb Residents! My name is Jamie and I founded a company called Roots Down. We’re super excited to share that we’re working with DeKalb Commissioner Ted Terry to create edible and native landscapes across the county, at parks, schools, and highway medians. Basically we’re taking unproductive land and making it productive so we can feed people and fight climate change. It’s pretty cool! 


We’re trying to see how many of our neighbors are also interested -- or not! -- in edible landscaping on your yard. Even if it’s just one raspberry plant, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out this five question survey to help us out. We’ll be in touch soon!




Jamie Rosenthal

Founder, Roots Down

Take our survey.

We want to know more about what Dekalb homeowners think about their yards. Take the survey and make your voice heard!

Want to support our work?

The best way to support our mission is to sign up for recurring monthly payments. We're a for-profit company, so your support is not tax-deductible, but for every $1 we receive, we put 90% back into the local community, building edible landscapes and pollinator gardens, providing jobs training, and educating underprivileged youth. Support Roots Down, and watch your money soar!
When you send $10 a month, you support a robust climate action plan!
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Ready to change the world?

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