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At this time in history, humanity faces a complex variety of ecological, financial, and social problems. Climate change, biodiversity loss, plastic and air pollution are just a few of the issues clambering for our attention. It can be very hard to know how an individual, or even a small community of individuals, are supposed to make much of an impact when the problems are so huge and interconnected. 


It’s a lot. But there is hope. And more than hope, there are reasons to be optimistic.


In this colorful and engaging book, Roots Down walks you through the Fruitful Communities initiative, a positive vision for a kinder, more equitable, and abundant future. With straightforward explanations, fun infographics, and enlightening case studies, Grow, Don't Mow shatters the myths of the traditional "mow and blow" landscaping world and details an alternative method of public landscaping, one that fights climate change, feeds people, and grows green jobs.


Find out how you can join the Fruitful Communities movement. Get your copy of Grow, Don't Mow today!

Grow, Don't Mow (digital)

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