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GreenHive GSU
Spring 2024 Cohort
Legacy Project

Legacy Project Background

While there's been a ton of talk about climate change both nationally and internationally, there is also a huge potential for action by local colleges and universities to not only slow the effects of climate change, but make our communities more resilient in the face of the challenges ahead.

Plant Installation 

Funded by Sustainability Initiatives Office at GSU
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Check back for future details on installation date!

Create aesthetic urban landscapes with majority native plants to increase biodiversity

  • Productive Urban Landscapes can be more cost effective to establish and maintain.

  • By building soil fertility naturally over time, selecting species suitable for the site and planting at the ideal time, the need for irrigation, costly inputs like synthetic fertilizers and continuous maintenance like mowing and blowing is decreased, saving time and money over time.

  • They also provide increased access to food and medicine.




Intro to the Zine

The GSU GreenHive Cohort has created a ‘Zine’ to summarize what this cohort has worked on and to introduce everyone!
It represents all the hard work this team has put into their project and is a great way to understand the legacy they are creating.” 

Masterplan Review

GSU’s Masterplan focuses on ‘beautification’ of the dead zones on campus.
This is something that we are also passionate about and are excited to help make this goal a reality with our plant installation project.
GSU plans on creating streetscapes throughout campus for the beautification project. GreenHive’s dream is to aid GSU Grounds in the plant selection and design of these streetscapes.
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GreenHive at GSU will continue to partner with
GSU Grounds Management and GSU Sustainability Initiatives
to create biodiverse, localized, and safer and cheaper maintenance
technique at Georgia State’s Atlanta campus.

Future Steps

The Fruitful Community Foundation is excited to steward the GSU GreenHive Cohort as they lead their community in land stewardship and environmental resiliency. 

Want to find out more of about GreenHive?

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