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Growing Fruitful Communities

by shifting the paradigm of landscaping

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The Fruitful Communities Initiative

We're growing more Fruitful Communities by turning lawns around libraries, schools, and community centers into food forests, pollinator gardens, and outdoor classrooms. Join us as we fight climate change, create green jobs, and feed people.

From Earth Day to Earth Day

Since Earth Day 2021, we've reimagined over 130k square feet of lawn, turning ecological dead zones into Productive Urban Landscapes at 6 library locations in DeKalb County. 


Volunteer hours


Fruit trees and native pollinators planted


Square footage converted


Additional resources brought to library communities

Earth Day 2021

Roots Down converted 6 DeKalb County library landscapes from traditional mow, blow, spray to Productive Urban Landscapes.

These Productive Urban Landscapes:

  • Sequester carbon

  • Add plant biodiversity, creating environmentally resilient spaces

  • Restore soil and ecology

  • Mitigate stormwater run off

  • Provide pocket parks and outdoor classrooms

  • and so much more!

Earth Day 2022

Roots Down worked with Commissioner Terry to introduce the Fruitful Libraries Resolution: a vision and transition plan for all library landscapes (23 libraries!) in DeKalb County. 

The Fruitful Libraries Resolution includes:

  • A plan to convert around 75 acres of public land to Productive Urban Landscapes

  • Provide green job training to Facilities landscaping vendors

  • Coordination with library staff to enhance outdoor programming options

  • Public engagement and education opportunities

  • and so much more!

May 19 Library Program.png
May 19 Library Program (1).png
Characters - NHP.png
Clarkston Library After.jpeg
Clarkston Library After 1.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 10.25.10 PM.png
Stonecrest Library_After_Pomegranite.jpg
Stonecrest Library_After.JPG
IMG_6609 2.JPG
StoneCrest Library_After_Sunflowers.JPG

With the Fruitful Libraries Resolution, DeKalb County will be a leader in land stewardship and environmental resiliency. 

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