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Share. Learn. Connect.

Join one of the fastest growing
eco-leadership groups in the southeast.


Take local environmental action.

We're growing more Fruitful Communities by turning lawns around libraries, schools, and community centers into food forests, pollinator gardens, and outdoor classrooms. Join us as we fight climate change, create green jobs, and feed people.
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Thee Welcome Kit!

Every new Member gets the infamous Roots Down Welcome Kit, our gift to show our appreciation!

Standard Welcome Kits come with:

  • A Roots Down t-shirt

  • A copy of Grow Don't Mow!

  • A sticker bundle

  • A Food. Earth. People. button

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Monthly Meetups

Every month, we have our Member Roll Call, where we gather Members from around the country. Member Roll Calls are your chance to connect with other Members, share stories, and learn from top experts in ecology, landscape design, and advocacy. 


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Classes & resources.

Roots Down Members get unlimited access to our private Grower Forum and Knowledge Base, an ever-growing catalog of research, articles, infographics, and memes. Be the most informed (and funniest) person in your pollinator Facebook Group, drop some knowledge on your friends, or simply connect to other Growers. The Roots Down Forum and Knowledge Base is a great way to grow your ecology and advocacy knowledge.

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No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
Member Sign-Up

How does membership help?

While we're a for-profit company, we still rely on the support of members to help us offer pro bono services to communities in food and park deserts, as well as additional support to local governments with smaller budgets.

Plants more landscapes

The single biggest way your membership helps is to provide us with the resources to grow more Productive Urban Landscapes.

Educates more GreenHive Leaders

Your membership also helps us offer scholarships and financial assistance to more young leaders through the GreenHive Leadership Program.

Creates more Growers

Membership help us offer paid internships to up and coming Growers looking to expand into the ecological landscaping industry.

Spreads the word

Every new member helps us tell even more people about the Fruitful Communities initiative.


Growing lasting environmental change.

Since Earth Day 2021, we've reimagined over 130k square feet of lawn, turning ecological dead zones into outdoor classrooms, pollinator gardens, and food forests capable of producing 1000's of pounds of food each year.


Volunteer hours


Fruit trees and native pollinators planted


Square footage converted


Additional resources brought to library communities

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Join today!

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Come learn with us.

Whether you're looking for ideas on what to plant in your garden, tips on how you can convince your local official, or simply looking to connect with other eco-conscious people, Member Roll Calls are your chance to plug in.

Want to get more involved?

No matter your background, resources, age, or interests, there's somewhere for everyone in the Fruitful Communities Initiative. Here are some ways you can get more involved in the movement. 

Want to financially support the Fruitful Communities initiative? Here are a few great ways: ​


Get paid to grow the Fruitful Communities initiative:

Get Social

Like social media? Check out our social toolkit and tell the world about Roots Down.

  • Go to Social Toolkit.

Hire Us

Want to bring the Fruitful Communities initiative to your area? Reach out and let us see how we can help.

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  • Facebook
  • YouTube

So, what's a Fruitful Community?

Fruitful Communities can come in a variety of forms, scales, and aesthetic preferences, and should also mirror the character of an area’s people, history, and values. There is no one-size-fits-all, but all Fruitful Communities should strive for at least 1 of these 4 traits.


Official adoption of the Fruitful Communities Initiative by at least 1 governing body (city or county government, or a neighborhood association).


At least 1 Fruitful Communities District. A Fruitful Communities District is an area with at least 10,000 sqft of regenerative landscaping.


Any area with at least 1 Fruitful Communities Partner Group. A Partner Group is an official Roots Down chapter with at least 5 members.


Any area that is in the process of developing any of the first 3 traits. If the people are putting in the work, then you're building a Fruitful Community!

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