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5 things our youth GreenHive leaders are looking forward to doing this spring…

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Our GreenHive members are looking to have fun this spring. With Covid-19 cases going down, and the sun out longer, our Greenhive is radiating positive energy towards this new season! The GreenHive is optimistic for a better future that merges fun, creativity, and actionable food justice! Enjoy this sneak preview of future GreenHive programs and events!

1. Work on activations sites!

Our youth leaders are excited to get their hands dirty and see our communities flourish. On these activation sites, the leaders will be able to see the start to finish process of making a productive urban landscape. They are most excited to get their hands in the soil, add beautiful foliage to landscapes, and see the community bloom!

2. Paint a mural!

This Spring, the GreenHive will be working with muralist Shannon Willow on painting a mural for Dekalb bypass! The mural will contain elements of food, nature, and community! Our amazing leaders will sketch designs, paint, and directly collaborate with the muralist to create art for the entire city to enjoy! The GreenHive is looking forward to breaking in the spring with an energetic project to share their positive outlook and bring hope into the community!

3. Create art!

Our GreenHive leaders are multi-talented artists and zine makers! This spring they are using food justice and nature as their muse. The magazine art will encompass all their creative talents, such a drawing, digital art, cooking, writing, and many more submissions! The zine will be for sale later this year and the proceeds will be used for the leaders to buy matching merch to wear at activation sites! So proud of our multi-talented leaders! There is a way for you to help the GreenHive accomplish their goals! If you know any creative- makers, have them contribute to the zine! Post their submission on the GreenHive forum on the Roots Down website!

4. Play online games, IRL games, and everything in-between!

The GreenHive leaders are infamous fun havers! They know how to have fun in any situation! The GreenHive have interest all across the field and they are excited to create online, at home, quarantine, games to real life! Specifically, an in-person Among Us, where each task is plant/ landscape related. They are also excited to virtually conceive landscapes on Minecraft and Kahoot quiz nights to test their knowledge on all things permaculture and pop culture!

5. Post on Instagram!

The GreenHive have their own space on Instagram! This youth-run Instagram page is content posted by the GreenHive to share their advocacy and interest with the world! Follow @greenhivega to see all the amazing work and stories that our powerful GreenHive leaders have to share with the world! And stay posted with all their Spring activities!


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