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Rabbit Holes no 18: Stories from the edges of regenerative agriculture

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Hey everyone, here are this week's links!

The "Machine That Eats Up Black Farmland"

Black farmers have lost more than 90 percent of their land since 1910. After decades of discriminating against Black farmers and ignoring their complaints, the USDA is promising to do better.

Plastic gets to the oceans through over 1,000 rivers

Rivers are the primary conduits for plastic waste to the seas. Scientists used to think 20 rivers at most carried most plastic into the oceans, but now they know it’s far more, complicating potential solutions.

How to start your own permaculture garden (and learn a ton along the way)

Have you ever considered what it means to create a garden that actually gives back to the local environment? That's where permaculture gardening comes in.

Sustainable living through accessible local food

Assistant farm manager at Love Is Love Farm, Demetrius Milling, is increasing the availability of organic, fresh food in the Atlanta area to people of all walks of life through a worker-owned cooperative.

How to replace meat - we don't need fake 'meat', there are better solutions

As soon as the federal government stops propping up the meat industry and starts helping real people eat real food as opposed to Whoppers — whether Impossible or impossibly destructive — the sooner we can eliminate meat from the center of our plates.

Regenerative agriculture needs a reckoning

This is how a movement gets started: There are many voices that all coalesce into a couple of key notes that we all end up singing after everybody gets on the same page. But that process takes a few years.” - Tina Owens, Danone Senior Director



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