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RECAP: Decatur Roadshow - 4/18

We kicked off our Earth Week celebrations by bringing our Roots Down Roadshow to Decatur. We enjoyed good drinks in Independent Distilling's new cocktail garden, watched Mayor Patti Garrett use the PowerPlanter tool, and talked with vendors with some amazing eco-friendly landscaping products.

Most importantly we made some great new connections and learned about:

  • The social, environmental, and fiscal costs of modern landscaping

  • The benefits of Productive Urban Landscapes

  • Case studies and examples of PUL's in action

  • Practical next steps for growing better spaces

Missed the event? Want to take a next step and get more inovlved in the Fruitful Communities revolution? Donate to the Roots Down Foundation or become a member of the Roots Down community.

This event is made possible by the following gracious sponsors:

Want to bring the Roots Down Roadshow to your community? Contact us to learn moore about hosting.

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