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September Dream Box: Beautiful Butterflies!

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Just in time for the start of school, we're live with our September Dream Box, our monthly blast of resources, activities, and inspiration for learners of all ages. Dream Boxes are free digital downloads available to Premium Members, and are perfect for homeschooling parents, childcare providers, teachers, library staff, and people who just want to learn more about important ecological topics.

This month's theme is: Beautiful Butterflies!

Let's learn all about those fluttery pollinators. With book and activity recommendations, as well as a host of other fun resources, Beautiful Butterflies! takes you through the life cycle of a butterfly to tips on how you can help support healthy environments for these important animals.

In this box.

- Glossary of terms

- Blogs, links, articles and more!

Suggested books.

0-3 years old

  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

  2. 10 Blue Butterflies by Sam Williams

  3. Ten Magic Butterflies by Danica McKellar

  4. Explore My World: Butterflies by Marfe Ferguson Delano

  5. Caterpillar to Butterfly by Catherine D. Hughes

4-6 years old

  1. Hello, Little One by Zeena M. Pilska

  2. The Little Butterfly that Could by Ross Burach

  3. Moth & Butterfly: Ta-da! By Dev Petty

  4. Roxy the Butterfly by Frances Rodgers

  5. Butterflies by Erin Suzanne Kelly

  6. Butterflies are Pretty…Gross! By Rosemary Mosco

7-11 years old

  1. Butterflies Belong Here by Deborah Hopkinson

  2. Little Monarchs by Jonathan Case

  3. Marion’s Got the Butterflies by Callie Barkley

  4. Solimar: The Sword of the Monarchs by Pam Munoz Ryan

  5. Butterfly for a King by Susan L. Roth

12-18 years old

  1. Jack Kerouac is Dead to Me by Gae Polisner

55+ years old

  1. Monarca by Leopoldo Gout

  2. 100 Plants to Feed the Monarch by Eric Lee-Mader

  3. The Butterfly Effect by Edward D. Melillo

  4. The Language of Butterflies by Wendy Williams

Suggested activities.

0-3 years old

4-6 years old

7-11 years old

12-18 years old

55+ years old

  1. Coffee and Coloring: Invite patrons in for some coffee (maybe get a sponsor?), a little coloring, and conversation

  2. Invite someone to teach how to crochet butterflies

  3. 3D Glitter Butterflies


Suggested partners.

Linky Dinks.

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