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RECAP: Clarkston Roadshow - 3/18

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting our very first Roots Down Roadshow at Refuge Coffee in Clarkston. We discussed some of the problems with modern landscaping and how each and everyone of us can be part of the solution. We also did a fun and engaging activity called a "Zone of Influence" brainstorm where attendees broke into groups and thought of some ways they could take action immediately in the 5 Zones of Influence: Yourself, Your Home, Your Neighborhood, Your City, Your County.

Here are some the amazing responses we got:


  • Limit plastic use

  • Get educated about PUL's

  • Eat good, fresh food

  • Recycle

  • Use the words and clearly explain the problem to others

  • Find the stories you can tell

  • Buy and use electric landscaping equipment

  • Attend educational opportunities

Your Home

  • Don't use a gas mower

  • Plant blueberry bushes

  • Hang bat and bird boxes

  • Avoid spraying herbicides and pesticides when possible

  • Overseed a "Lazy Lawn," where you don't have to mow as often

  • Grow something useful

  • Make paths in your yard

  • Guerilla gardening

  • Install rain barrels

  • Take some time to pay attention to water flows

  • Plant more trees

  • Plant edible landscapes

  • Start composting or worm farming

Your Neighborhood

  • Talk to your neighbors and explain to them the changes you're making in your yard

  • Pick up trash on walks

  • Guerilla gardening

  • Ask your neighbors what they're growing

  • Start up a plant exchange

  • Start a native plant sale

  • Feature a natural landscape

  • Start a garden club

  • Start a group gardening project

Your City and County

  • Advocate for PUL's in schools

  • Talk to your local government officials

  • Volunteer at local spaces to show support for this work

  • Avoid unnecessary development

  • Require impact studies for all new development

  • Tax relief for low water flow appliances and yards

  • Vote for useful people

  • Use natural flood management

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