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Earth Day at Stonecrest Library

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

On Earth Day, the Roots Down team made its way to Stonecrest Library. The perfect breeze and light blues skies accompanied us, in addition to music from Plantlanta and refreshing infused drinks from Georgia Routes.

The Stonecrest Library is one of the Fruitful Community Initiative installments, in which Productive Urban Landscapes (PULs) are going to be installed throughout the county! To learn more about PULs read the What is a Productive Urban Landscape blog here.

District 5 Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson and her team were aiding us in breaking the ground by planting fig trees, pineapple guava, and many other fruit trees that will bloom for a great edible community space.

The Stonecrest Library is an awesome place to install a PUL. The citizens now have an amazing outdoor space to enjoy picking fruit and reading a book. Read more about the benefits of having PULs at libraries here. At the Stonecrest Library, there is room to soak up the sun or sit in the shade. Read Productive Urban Landscape: Stonecrest Library, to check out the plans and blueprint for the Stonecrest Library Productive Urban Landscape.

There are countless reasons to have PULs in the community, and the Roots Down team spent Earth Day appreciating the earth and understanding how PULs help fight climate change. Read more about how Productive Urban Landscapes Fight Climate Change.

After some pictures, the team continued to plant and water the ground! The GreenHive also gifted Commissioner Johnson with a copy of their zine! Read about how the GreenHive plans to spend the rest of the spring on this blog here!

It was amazing to be in the dirt, breathing in the fresh air, celebrating and nurturing the earth with the Roots Down team. To learn more about our team and which type of plant we would be read the following post What Plant Are You.

It was an overall great Earth day with a lot of intention setting, education, and appreciation for the earth!




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