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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Gnome Housing Authority Minister Grant Garbunzo leads a march against human appropriation of tiny home concept. (Photo credit GP)

Gnome community furious over tiny home "appropriation".

In what's being called a "blatant rip off of Gnome culture," many in the Gnome community are calling out the so-called "tiny home movement" among humans.

"This is unacceptable behavior by our human colleagues," said Grant Garbunzo, Minister for the Gnome Housing Authority. "These homes aren't even tiny! They're huge. You could fit 800 gnomes in one of these McMansions."

Garbunzo led a demonstration outside the Avondale Tiny Home festival, a two-day event held by the MicroLife Institute. where he called for the immediate "right-sizing" of human habitations.

"This is typical human behavior," said Garbunzo. "They take something others have been doing for centuries, slap new branding on it, and call it their own. Just look at what they did with the Keebler Elves!"

The demonstration was attended by almost 25 gnomes from across DeKalb County, where they rolled out their 10 point plan for Gnome and Human co-habitation, and called for a meeting between the MicroLife Institute and the GHA.

MicroLife Executive Director Will Johnston had this to say, "Honestly, I had no idea the demonstration was even going on. Are they complaining that our tiny homes are too big?"

Garbunzo isn't dissuaded though. He said the GHA will have a display at Roots Down events, where they will be educating humans on the benefits of human-sized buildings.

Inaugural "Gnometober" coming to DeKalb libraries this October.

DeKalb County libraries, Gnome Homes GA, and Roots Down are partnering for the first ever Gnometober this October.

These gnomes are hard at work in an Edible Library garden, building one of the hidden gnome homes.

During this one of a kind event, people from all over Metro Atlanta will descend on 6 DeKalb County Fruitful Library gardens to try and find the gnome homes hidden there. Using the Roots Down app, library visitors can check in on the local gnome, and learn about the garden and all the species that call it home. The homes will be at the following DeKalb County libraries:

  • Clarkston

  • Hairston Crossing

  • Lithonia-Davidson

  • Redan-Trotti

  • Salem Panola

  • Stonecrest

Gnometober is a great way to get outside this Fall, get some exercise, and relax in nature with family and friends. Oh, and if you spot all 6 gnome homes, you get a special grand prize from Roots Down.

For more details, download the Roots Down app and click on the Gnometober tab. It's free!

Triplets finding renewed fame

The Avondale Gnome community is rediscovering some homegrown heroes with the upcoming 85th anniversary release of Disney's classic film Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

The Teeptoe Triplets are seeing renewed fame from their cameo in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

The Teeptoe Triplets were just teenagers when Walt Disney came around looking for some gnomes to act as models for his upcoming film. When he met the triplets, with their characteristic wit and goofiness, Disney knew he'd found the perfect models for several of the dwarves.

You'll have your chance to meet the triplets this week at Gnome Comic Con.



A fox recently ate my roommate and rent is coming due. Looking for a hardy gnome to occupy my back bedroom. Safety not guaranteed.

Contact Fred -


If anyone has lost their pet squirrel, I have him at my home. He seems to respond to the name Scratchy, but then again that might be because of the treats I'm giving him.

Contact Tammy -


I have a bunch of radishes from my garden for sale. Looking for a good belly.

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