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What is your plant patronus?

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Just like people, every plant is unique, complete with its own unique characteristics, growing style, nutritional needs, and benefits to the wider community. Some plants grow straight up to grasp at the open spaces in canopies, others spread out in the dappled sunlight of a forest floor, while still others scaffold up other plants to get what they need. So, to highlight the vast diversity of the plant world (and maybe even learn something along the way), we thought it'd be fun to launch a little challenge. So, here goes:

If you were a plant, what plant would you be and why?

For a little help with finding the best plant, check out Baker Creek's incredible catalog of heirloom seeds.

When you have your answer, head on over to the Roots Down Grower Forum and let us all know what you found out.

But in the meantime, since we're not the type of people who would ask you to do anything we aren't willing to do ourselves, here are our answers.

Behold! The Roots Down team as plants!

Jamie Rosenthal

CEO and Founder

"If I could be a plant I would be a large forest variety of Bamboo! Bamboo is the most resilent and interesting plant I know, its so mis -understood, its most common thing that people hate is the thing I love so much! (such strong roots and a vast underground network and cant be destroyed easily). As Bamboo I would enjoy swaying in the breeze with my friends making a beautiful harmonious sounds in the evening."

James Carr

Content Director

"I think I am a Serviceberry tree. Here to serve, rather unorthodox, and has been accused of being hard to work with despite an insanely good flavor that everyone agrees was worth the effort. Prefers the shade, beautiful flowers a plus."

Rebecca Snegg

Operations Director

"If I were a plant, I would be a California Poppy. Native to the southwestern United States, this state flower is resilient and a prohibited good in Singapore (like me). Once a year this plant is a part of a super bloom! I super bloom once a year when I return to my preferred climate of Los Angeles to visit loved ones and bask in dry heat."

Tres Crow

Chief Marketing Officer

"I think I am a bean plant because I'm pretty easy to work with, am always trying to climb a little higher, and just like a bean plant pulls nitrogen up out of the deep to help nurture other plants, I like working with random ideas and concepts to make everything better."

Jennifer Nwokolo

Social Media Intern

"If I were a plant, I would be a Peace Lily! Similarly to me, the Peace Lily is a low maintenance indoor plant that prefers high light situations but will still grow with little light. They are a refreshing addition to indoor spaces! The Peace Lily has all the qualities that I strive to acquire in my life: adaptable, positive, and easy to get along with! It also helps that we prefer the indoors!"



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