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Groundbreaking at Clarkston Library

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

On April 21, 2021, the Roots Down team officially broke ground at Clarkston Library to install a Productive Urban Landscape! Thanks to the hard work of Khari Diop of Think Green, Inc. and Scott Nesbit of the Pygmy Goat Folx to till the land, the rest of our team was able to come in with shovels and wheelbarrows to move hay, compost, and mulch around the landscape to add some nutrients to the site. We were also grateful for the DeKalb County facilities team who came out with heavy machinery to speed up the process.

On Friday, April 23, we were joined by DeKalb County Commissioner Ted Terry, Director of Libraries Alison Weissinger, Plantlanta, Georgia Routes, UGA Extension, and more for an official groundbreaking ceremony. We also planted several trees and perennial flowers such as echinacea.

The Clarkston Library is one of the Fruitful Community Initiative installments, in which Productive Urban Landscapes (PULs) are going to be installed throughout DeKalb County. To learn more about PULs read the What is a Productive Urban Landscape blog here.

This PUL was spearheaded by Commissioner Terry, who is the former Mayor of Clarkston. Thanks to his dedication to green initiatives, we were able to begin installing a PUL at Clarkston Library.

The Clarkston Library is a great place to install a PUL. The citizens now have an amazing outdoor space to enjoy picking fruit and reading a book. Read more about the benefits of having PULs at libraries here.

At the Clarkston Library, which is located right next to the Community Center, there is room to soak up the sun or sit in the shade. Read Productive Urban Landscape: Clarkston Library, to check out the plans and blueprint for the Clarkston Library, as well as photos from the groundbreaking.


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